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Key Information

Client: King Arthur Mobile Home Park
Location: O'Fallon, MO
Property Size: 100 mobile home pads on 20 acres

Key The Challenge

The client, Kathleen Killian, had inherited a 20-acre mobile home park with about 100 mobile residences on the property. Along with structural issues with many of the homes, they also faced challenges due to the city's policy on the park's existing outdated water system. Many of the park's residents were also struggling to come up with moving expenses due to being on fixed incomes. Dee was tasked with relocating these home owners to a new location with no negative press.

The Solution

Dee and a partner, Jeremy Malensky, worked alongside Killian's attorney, Jay Lenox, to assist the residents of the mobile home park with moving and additional expenses. Through diligence and persistence, Dee was able to personally contract with four mobile home parks in O'Fallon, MO and the surrounding area and negotiate special contracts and arrangements in order for them to accept the homes and residents from King Arthur Court. In addition to securing these contracts, Dee was able to set aside an additional $250,000 specifically to go towards moving the homes to another park of each resident's choosing. This process can usually take years to complete, but Dee was able to complete this within four months of closing, which is truly unprecedented. Additionally, any contingencies and other legal issues were addressed in the sale contract in order to make any potential lawsuit frivolous. In the end, no lawsuits and therefore no negative press pertaining to the sale of these homes surfaced.